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Audition Schedule




For admittance year: 2020-2021

An audition is required for entrance into the Dance BFA programs (both Performance & Choreography AND Teacher Certification). Acceptance to Texas State University is also required via an application, but does not need to be completed prior to auditions:

November 16, 2019: Deadline for application is November 8

February 29, 2020: Deadline for application is February 21

April 4, 2020: Deadline for application is March 27 

Application information:

-Contact information

-Dance resume

-Letter of Intent

-References (list at least 2 references who can speak to your dance abilities, work ethic, and potential for success as a Dance major)

Additional Audition Information

AUDITION Schedule:


9:00AM Check in/Get audition numbers

9:30-10:30AM Ballet

10:30-11:30AM Modern

11:30-12:15PM Guided Improvisation

12:15-1:00PM Lunch (bring a sack lunch) and Q&A with Faculty

1:00-4:00PM Solos (for those interested in the Performance & Choreography emphasis only. Those interested in the Teacher Certification program do not need to prepare a solo.

The solo needs to be around 2-3 minutes and showcase any genre of dance you feel best demonstrates your performance skills. Keep in mind that our program focuses on modern/contemporary....but if you perform more strongly in ballet or hip hop, etc, it is fine to do your solo in another genre. The solo needs to be your own choreography. We have an aux cord for your music. Music is optional.

*Live auditions are preferable, but If traveling to San Marcos presents a reasonable burden for you (out of state or international), please contact Michelle Nance, Director of Dance at for arrangements for a video audition.