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Course Descriptions

Freshman Year

TH 1350. Introduction to Theatrical Design

Course introduces the freshman theatre major to the four primary areas of theatrical design: costume design, scenic design, sound design, and lighting design. Each area’s practice is explored and analyzed through a series of exercises that incorporate design projects.

TH 1354. Movement I

Creative movement for the theatre. Designed to stimulate the actor’s body to increase flexibility and the kinetic response to environmental stimulus through exercise and research into the physical process.

TH 1364. Beginning Acting

Beginning Acting. (2-1) Classroom exercises designed to explore and discover the actor’s inner resources, and to develop the personal awareness of the student’s imaginative potential. May be taken by non-majors independently.

TH 1365. Intermediate Acting

Intermediate Acting. (2-1) Classroom exercises designed to continue the exploration of the actor’s inner resources; additional work on discovering techniques of developing a character. May be taken by non-majors independently. Prerequisite: TH 1364 or equivalent

TH 2111. Theatre Activities

A course designed to provide credit for participation in theatre activities.


Sophomore Year

TH 2330. Stagecraft and Stage Lighting

This class teaches the facilities, tools, materials and techniques used to build scenery safely and effectively in the modern theatre. It also covers the facilities, tools, and techniques used to safely and effectively read a light plot, hang and focus stage lighting instruments. It includes a hands-on lab.

TH 3344. Costume Construction

A practical approach to building costumes for the stage. Emphasis is on stitching techniques and introductory patterning. Practical experience with university productions required in laboratory.

TH 3370. Creative Drama

Emphasis on process drama theory and using creative drama as both an art form and as a teaching tool. Through class activities, students will develop effective facilitator skills and incorporate innovative strategies for teaching traditional material in non-traditional ways.

TH 2313. Introduction to Fine Arts

An introductory course designed to give the student a fundamental understanding of the creation and appreciation of diverse modes of expression through the visual and performing arts. This course may not be repeated for credit by taking ART 2313, DAN 2313, or MU 2313.


Junior Year

TH 3320. History of the Theatre I

A study of the theatre and its place in the social and cultural evolution from primitive civilization to 1700. Selected examples of theatre literature are studied.

TH 3321. History of the Theatre II

A study of the theatre and its place in the social and cultural evolution from 1700 to the present. Selected examples of theatre literature are studied.

TH 4364. Directing I

A study of the fundamentals of directing with practical experience provided by directing scenes.

TH 4310. Theatre Curriculum Development

Course builds on a requisite knowledge of basic educational theory and lesson plan structure with an emphasis on developing and implementing a successful Theatre curriculum. Practical and effective strategies for teaching middle school and high school Theatre will be examined.

TH 4332. Theatre in Education

This course provides an in-depth examination of Applied Theatre as it is used in a variety of settings, including elementary and middle school classrooms, recreation facilities, and in community outreach programs.

TH 4330G. Design for Educational Theatre

The course consists of three sections covering Scenic Design, Lighting Design and Production Elements. It is intended for Teacher Certification students with the goal of providing the tools to be successful when dealing with limited resources, reduced personnel and challenging theatre venues at their schools. Prerequisite: TH 2338


Senior Year

TH 4365. Directing II

A study of directing different dramatic styles. Students will direct a one-act play during regular semesters. Prerequisite: TH 4364

TH 4330H. Technical Theatre Intensive

This course provides the technical skills necessary to work effectively as a high school or middle school theatre teacher. It focuses on the facilities, tools, materials and techniques used to build scenery safely and effectively in the modern theatre. Laboratory meetings extend the lecture subjects with practical examples and experiences. Prerequisite: TH 4330G

TH 4320. Directing Theatre Activities

Designed to assist any teacher in directing theatre activities. During the course, students will direct plays or scenes. May be repeated with different emphasis for additional credit.

TH 3367. Theory and Analysis

A study of dramatic theory and play analysis for production, including the study of forms, styles, and methods.

TH 3343. Stage Makeup

A practical course in developing techniques used in applying stage makeup. Emphasis is placed on painting, and contouring the face to achieve the desired effect. Special projects include fantasy makeup and mask making.

TH 4334. Stage Management

This is a seminar course in stage management, focusing on organization, techniques, and practices for managing stage productions from initial planning through performance.