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Directing For The Stage

Stage Directors are the creative visionaries of the theatre world. They are the unique individuals with the knowledge, skills and abilities to orchestrate the presentation of an entire theatrical production while simultaneously collaborating with a creative team of designers and managers. Stage Directors not only need to see the big picture but also need to be able to communicate that picture to a wide variety of people.

If you are interested in directing you will need to focus on elective where you can learn the different methods of practical and creative expression needed to oversee the arranging of a theatrical production. Directing students will not only develop their own unique storytelling method, but will be strongly advised to take classes that teach management, research coordination and interpersonal communication.

Future directors are taught a broad range of techniques in creativity, coordination and collaboration. It is recommended that students take a wide variety of theatre classes before taking their first directing course. This will give the student a broad theatrical perspective needed to begin developing their own unique narrative style.


The P&P directing student may also have the opportunity to assistant direct a Mainstage or Studio production during their time in the Texas State Department of Theatre. This is dependent on a number of variable including GPA, attitude, service, dedication and drive.

Concentration Courses

Stage Combat
Acting Realism
Acting Styles
Stage Management
Advanced Stage Management
Company & Production Management
Scenic Design
Lighting Design
Sound Technology
Problems in Directing
Advanced Stage Directing
Advanced Playwriting