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What You Will Learn

Regan Goins in "A Streetcar Named Desire"

The BFA Acting program is designed to develop your skill, collaborative ability, artistry, discipline and humanity.

We believe it is crucial to develop your own artistic and personal point-of-view. We stress collaboration, personal accountability and the development of discipline; which will serve both you and the artistic communities to which you belong. You and your classmates form an ensemble- taking all core classes together which provides a unique and valuable opportunity to intimately witness one another’s challenges and growth during your four years of training at Texas State. 

Freshman Year

Your first year is about self-discovery and provides an opportunity to reveal your blocks and potential. In each discipline - voice, movement, acting- you begin to acquire tools and practice techniques that will strengthen and expand your existing instincts while opening up new perception, imagination and discipline. Training with your ensemble through exercises, scene study and Actors Lab, you develop methods to move out of self-consciousness and habit toward a state of alert readiness, free of tension and defensiveness. Eligibility for casting in season productions begins freshmen spring semester.

Sophomore Year

In your second year, application of the skills you are learning will begin to be more present and available to you. You will start to experience the sequence of classes not as separate from one another but as different aspects of the same art form- acting. Work in Realism class will examine various techniques applied to contemporary American and European plays through extensive scene study. Development of imagination and spontaneity are explored in Characterization class, where you will move into non-linear work and theatre practice. Advanced movement, voice and improvisation complete this year.  Between sophomore and junior year, students are encouraged to travel with faculty to The Oregon Shakespeare Festival. You will attend 9 plays in 7 days, meet with artists and producers and experience the prospect of working as a professional actor in one of America’s most important regional theatres. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Texas State have a rich history, numerous artists from the company meet with students to discuss their work and careers offering our students the opportunity to create professional relationships at one of our countries most important and prolific theatres.

Junior Year

Your third year will introduce concepts that will deepen your artistic point-of-view and tools that will expand your ability to apply your original voice. Two distinctly different and challenging areas of study will stretch your understanding of what you are capable of achieving as an artist. In Physical Acting I and II you will continue the work begun in Characterization with Physicalization, Authentic Movement, clown and mask technique. In Actor, Artist, Aesthetic you will generate and perform wholly original pieces and explore concepts of self-producing. With faculty and industry professionals you will study acting for TV/Film. The sequence of study junior year is designed to evolve your ability to apply the craft you have been developing in different mediums. The summer between junior and senior year we encourage students to participate in our study abroad program in England. This experience exposes students to culture, travel abroad and professional training at the world-renowned Globe Theatre, The National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company. In addition, students attend numerous professional performances at The Globe Theatre, The National Theatre and the West End theatres in London. This program of study with professionals at the Globe is excellent preparation for senior year in which students train in Shakespeare, Styles and heightened text. 

Senior Year

The fourth year of instruction denotes a year of advanced training and a bridge to the professional world. In all disciplines you will move to more complex work and application. Heightened text in Shakespeare and Styles work is coupled with a yearlong journey of preparation for the professional world. Professional materials and self-determined purpose is thoroughly examined via numerous projects. Over the summer you complete a survey of questions, essays and research, which will help you identify the cities, regional theatres and television and film marketplaces in which you will embark upon your professional career. You will examine factors necessary to begin and sustain your entrepreneurial artistic career.  The semester begins on campus early with professional Headshots generated in a session with a NY photographer. This final year with your ensemble will comprise both individualized, concentrated work on your specific contribution to the marketplace as well as intense ensemble collaboration culminating in your final project together: The New York Showcase. You will travel to New York to participate in three days of workshops, professional and alumni panels and perform a Showcase for New York industry professionals. Our mission is to produce a showcase that represents not only your professional introduction but also an expression of your specific talent and artistry. Your final year is designed to create a transition to the profession that will serve not as an end but as a bridge to the beginning of your professional career as you meet the profession as a skilled, self sufficient and collaborative artist-entrepreneur.