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Our daughter is a rising sophomore BFA Acting major, and we can wholeheartedly say that the Texas State BFA program has everything you could want for your college actor and more. The students have access to foundational training with their top-rate professors, workshops, play festivals, many performance opportunities, and outstanding facilities. When choosing a university, these things all set the program apart from its competitors, but what makes us happiest about our daughter’s decision to attend Texas State is the close-knit cohort of BFA actors that challenge each other, support each other, and help each student in the program to develop their talent and expand their boundaries as artists.

Lynda & John Buckley 

The Theatre Department was the best four years of my life. This department feels like a community and the faculty goes above and beyond to make sure that each and every student is striving to reach their goals. Not only do I feel confident to dive in to show business, but I am overwhelmed with joy and in complete awe of the people that surrounded me and inspired me to be a better person and a better artist. 

xoxo, Betty Marie :) '14 

"Our daughter just completed her Freshman year in the BFA Acting Program and absolutely loved it. There are so many opportunities for the students to be in shows with 2 main stage theaters and other smaller performance space. Laurel was always involved in something. Her Ensemble consists of students from across the United States and we loved getting to know the families and learn why they chose Texas State. Being from Texas we had heard so many awesome things about the program and it was great hearing that Texas State's reputation goes well beyond Texas. We have been so happy with our daughter's decision, not just the Acting Program but the University as a whole."

Suzanne & Ron Toupal

I'm not really sure how to put into words what the Texas State BFA Acting program has meant for Regan and for us.  Not only did the program provide her with wonderful training from top professionals but it also provided her with a family.  

We met Michael Costello at Unifieds in Chicago in an elevator.  He was so pleasant and wished Regan the best of luck with her auditions.  It wasn't until later that day that we figured out that he was with the Texas State acting program when Regan did a walk-in.  

We visited the campus for the callbacks in March where she had the opportunity to meet the rest of the faculty and some of the students.  It was, by far, the most enjoyable audition experience that we had.  In the end, she had several MT opportunities and the one acting acceptance from Texas State.  She made her decision fairly quickly and easily and we've never questioned that decision.  

Regan had a wonderful four years!  She has made lifelong connections and friendships.  She was pushed and supported along the way and we saw her grow into a wonderful and confident actor.  

We are looking forward to her first film coming out this fall and that would not have happened without the love, support, and training that she received at Texas State.  

Thank you so much for a wonderful four years.  We will all miss you and Michael, but we know you will always be cheering her on!  

Teresa Goins   

Our daughter, Emily, is entering her senior year in the BFA Acting program at Texas State.  I can remember the excitement she experienced when she realized she had been accepted into the program 3 years ago.  She was full of expectation and hope as to what the program would provide for her. Now as she heads into her senior year, we have seen her hopes and expectations met beyond her imagination.   The quality of the training is excellent, and Emily has honed her acting and performance skills.  She has been provided a myriad of opportunities to learn and grow.  Another benefit that cannot be measured quantitatively is the support our daughter has received not only from the staff but her fellow students.  The BFA Acting program at Texas State is the best.

Helen and John Reas

We are the parents of a very enthusiastic rising sophomore in the BFA Acting Program.  Our daughter had the wonderful opportunity to be selected to be a part of the performing arts project (TPAP) and met some of the students and teachers there that also were part of Texas State.  She is so glad that she did.  We are from Pennsylvania and were not aware of the BFA program at Texas State before TPAP.  Our daughter was fortunate and had the opportunity to attend some of the more well-known BFA programs closer to home, but after visiting and attending classes she chose Texas State.  We are so glad that she did, she has never been more challenged or fulfilled.  Thank you for helping to make our daughter’s dreams come true.

Best regards,
Missy and Dan Hyman

The growth experienced is exhilarating. The relationships formed with staff and peers are priceless. They are her second family.

When your soul is being fed, you radiate joy. My kid has never been happier. Thank you, Texas State Department of Theatre and Dance!

Artistic integrity, work ethic, focused ambition – these are all learned attributes at Texas State. Without them, my student is just another talented artist with no plan.

The training is unsurpassed. We’ve never felt more confident that our student is going to survive and thrive in an artistic career.

Our kids are getting hired onto shows! There are contracts to sign, agents, managers, terms, and negotiations to understand – it’s a huge relief they are being taught about the business of the business.

We are a very close family and love to be together. But right now we would rather our girl was at Texas State with her theatre class because that is where she is truly nurtured at this point. She knows it too, and can’t wait to get “home” to San Marcos.