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The BFA Acting Application is a TWO-STEP Process

  1.  Create an application to the university via Apply Texas.

2. Create an account and upload all materials for your application to the BFA Acting program via our page on ACCEPTD  (The BFA Acting program will begin accepting applications via ACCEPTD Sept. 1st)

Application Deadline:

  • DECEMBER 31, 2021

University Application Requirements

You are required to apply to the university in addition to the BFA Acting program. Both applications must be submitted at the same time. All Texas State theatre students are listed as Pre-Theatre when applying to the University.

In order to schedule your callback in January February, you must have completed your application to the university.

We request you also apply to the Honors College upon acceptance into the university if you meet the following criteria:

  • Top 10 percent of your high school graduating class, or
  • A composite score of 27 on the ACT, or
  • A composite score of 1270 or higher on SAT (math and critical reading scores added). Visit the Honor's College for more information.

Visit the Honor's College for more information.

Get Acceptd Application Requirements

  • Application
  • Application Fee
  • Headshot and Resume
  • Desired Callback Date and Location
  • Your Prescreen Audition Videos- Slate and Monologues (2 Videos total, 3 minutes long total)
  • Personal Essay (Personal Introduction)*
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (Performance letters preferred)*
    • Please note - Letters you send to Undergraduate Admissions are not shared with us.

* Any delays in receiving your official transcripts and letters of recommendation will not keep you from receiving a callback, however, you MUST include your Texas State application ID number you received when you applied to the university in your Get Acceptd application information.

Each piece should be filmed/uploaded as a separate piece of media. No continuous videos.

YOUR SLATE: Your slate is a chance for us to see, hear, and get to know you when you are not acting. There should not be a separate slate video: please include your slate at the top of one of your monologues. The introduction does not count in your time allotment.                                                                              

Slate Part I: Full body shot, say your name, and the names of the pieces you will be performing. 

Slate Part II: Medium shot (top of your head to your waist.) If you could be the best in the world at a totally useless or impractical skill, what skill would you choose and why? Next, name an artist (of any discipline) under 40 whom you love and respect and why.

The videos combined should be a length of three minutes. This means you can have, but not limited to, some of the following combinations: 

  • Two 60-second monologues
  • One 60-second monologue and one 90-second monologue
  • Two 90-second monologues


  • Choose age-appropriate material whenever possible. 
  • Use space. Don’t be a “talking head.” Exist in a 3-dimensional world.
  • Be creative: We love writing from all mediums and look forward to your creative choices. Our actor training embraces all media platforms-YouTube, television, film, theatre, podcasts, etc. We give you permission to bring all your personal creativity to this audition. Our program reflects this philosophy.
  • If possible, for this audition, we request that you do not perform pieces by: Gabriel Davis, Don Zolidis, or Wade Bradford, and that you avoid any monologue that is not a piece of a larger whole, such as a play, a screenplay, a novel, or a TV script. 
  • Don’t watch yourself while you audition, and don’t practice your monologue in a mirror.
  • If you have to rush your monologue in order to get it under the time limit, then you haven’t cut it enough. Avoid rushing and performing on autopilot; breath and rhythm are your friends.
  • If you’re not having fun, it’s not a strong audition! Make sure you choose pieces you love and that you enjoy diving into them.

PERSONAL INTRODUCTION (1000 words or less)

Your written introduction allows us an opportunity to get to know you, be honest. Don’t feel you need to impress us or be overly humble. Don’t identify your weakness as "being a perfectionist.” Don’t waste time trying to figure out what you think we want to hear. We are looking for 12-14 unique, diverse company members for the BFA Acting Program. Tell us what inspires you, what scares you, what challenges you, what you find funny, tell us about your family or friends or strange obsessions. Tell us about the instruments you play or about your YouTube channel or your babysitting empire. What are your favorite films and why? What is your startling and surprising talent that we’d never suspect? Relax and write what will allow us to see you more clearly. You are required to provide two letters of recommendation. You may upload this documentation via Acceptd or have these materials sent directly to the University at the following email address:, your first and last name must be included in the subject.

2 Letters of Recommendation in PDF form - Upload letters via Acceptd or have letters sent directly to the University at the following email address: Your first and last name must be included in the subject line.

These are different than the academic recommendation letters requested by the university (we do not have access to those). The letters we are requesting should primarily focus on your work and work ethic as a performer and other areas of interest and achievement outside of academics.

Email Letters to (We no longer accept mailed letters of recommendation).
As soon as your file is complete we will review your audition video within 14-30 days. You will be notified on your ACCEPTD profile if you have received a callback. Please check your ACCEPTD profile frequently and make sure your email address and phone number are current.


Roberta Colindrez

Texas State BFA Acting Alum ROBERTA COLINDREZ (second from left) I LOVE DICK costars

  • Texas State University is a four-year, conservatory-style training program. We believe that the future of American acting requires artists who receive rigorous, affordable training in small ensemble classes taught by current industry professionals.
  • Our classes are comprised of 12-14 students (compare with 20-30 in some training programs).
  • We guarantee out-of-state students in-state tuition rates.
  • Our graduates receive extensive training in the entrepreneurial business aspects of acting in addition to craft and artistry.
  • We provide a New York Senior Showcase attended by industry professionals and are proud that many of our seniors secure representation in major markets.
  • Texas State University produces between 10-15 productions annually and freshmen are eligible to act their spring semester. Our producing spaces can be seen on our facilities page
  • We offer study abroad opportunities at The Globe, The RSC, The National Theatre and The Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
  • Acting for Film and television course work is a required element of our curriculum.
  • Our Guest artist program provides numerous additional perspectives, techniques and networking.
  • The Acting faculty are working professionals with extensive credits and vibrant continuing careers.
  • COMPARE COSTS: An actor graduating with little to no debt vs. an actor graduating with enormous debt has a FAR better chance of surviving and thriving.

"Freddy Arsenault is a Broadway actor with six figures of student loan debt, thanks to the MFA acting program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts…Thanks to interest, however, his monthly contributions haven’t even made a dent in the amount he owes, which still stands at $165,000.” -By Stefanie O’Connell, Magnify Money

**All materials and applications will be posted through Get Acceptd.

Scholarship Information

We are committed to having the top talent in the country in our program, therefore, we offer out-of-state students scholarship money that qualifies them for in-state tuition. The result is students in our program pay a fraction of what the other top programs demand, whether they live in Texas or Tennessee, Dallas or Delaware, Pennsylvania or the Panhandle. As an out-of-state student, you need not apply for this particular scholarship as you are automatically considered for it. There are additional merit and need-based scholarship opportunities from the Department of Theatre and Dance for in and out-of-state students. These scholarships require an application that should be submitted with your initial application. 

Download the application to apply.
Visit the Financial Aid for academic-based scholarships.
Do you need to find lodging, places to eat, things to do and directions from San Antonio or Austin airports while visiting for on-campus callbacks? Click here to view our travel packet.

If you have questions please contact

Jessica Graham

Publicity Coordinator