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Ragtime 2
Ragtime 2
Ragtime production
A chorus Line
A Chorus Line
Kiss me Kate production
Kiss Me kate Production
Anything Goes-girl dancing in sailor suit
Anything goes-Girl in red sparkly dress
Into the Woods
Into the Woods
The wild party

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

"..San Marcos has become a mecca for musicals."

"...Charismatic, full-voiced Daniel Z. Miller (Quasimodo) and Ana Yi Puig (Esmeralda) could easily be dropped into any Broadway cast."

Michael Barnes

"...You're unlikely to see a musical production of this scope and flourish on Broadway these days." Michael Meigs

"Choreography by Cassie Abate fills the stage with the vibrance of gypsy movement and the excitement of a Broadway-caliber musical."

"Kaitlin Hopkins’s direction elevates this material to [a] classic stratosphere." 

Lynn Beaver


 “Once again, Texas State dazzles with this remarkable production. Kudos to director Tom Delbello, who has meticulously rethought this classic and breathed fresh life into it.”

   “The icing on the cake of this amazing production lies, as is usual with the students of Kaitlin Hopkins, in the performances of these young artists….perhaps the finest, most rethought production of this classic I have ever had the privilege to watch.”

 Frank Benge

"The classic musical Cabaret is a dark story, so what does a top-notch production of the show look like today? Positively brutal, in a vital and necessary way The new production from the Texas State  distinguishes itself by fully embracing the darker nuances of the text in a way that other versions shy away from."

Andrew J. Friedenthal Austin360


"These young performers deliver moving and heartfelt work that is universally exceptional."

"...when it comes to musical theatre, this is how it should be done, folks."

"Kaitlin Hopkins has created a program that attracts out-of-state students because it turns out triple-threat career-bound."

"...performers and designers who deliver Broadway quality work."

-Frank Benge, Ragtime

A “towering musical theatre program”

"...the school has assembled an artistic critical mass that allows it to fill and paint the stage with such an overabundance of talent..."

Texas State students are “achieving levels of artistry that give them a clear shot at ‘making it’”

-Michael Meigs CTX Live Theatre, Ragtime

A Chorus Line

"Not only does this production reassert the power of the show, but it also puts a huge spotlight on the immense amount of talent that the Department of Theatre and Dance is turning out." -Austin 360

“Texas State University’s Department of Theatre and Dance’s new production of A Chorus Line reminds us that, yes, this show still has a lot to say about youth, desire, individuality, conformity and, ultimately, the nature of musical theater itself . . . The irony of this process and the heartbreak of this erasure of individuality has never been clearer than in Texas State's production."  -Austin 360

Kiss Me, Kate

“The musicals live in San Marcos. For the past few years, Texas State University has flourished as a regional leader for training musical theater artists.” 

– Michael Barnes Austin 360, Kiss Me, Kate

“The major production numbers are Broadway caliber, and the entire cast executes it like seasoned professionals.”

– Jeff Davis Broadway World, Kiss Me, Kate

“The level of talent is astounding, Cassie Abate choreographed and directed the current, glorious production of Cole Porter‘s “Kiss Me, Kate,” They didn’t shy away from some uncomfortable material and the cast is superb.”

– Michael Barnes Austin 360, Kiss Me, Kate

Anything Goes

“College productions are rarely this good. Hell, touring productions are rarely this good.”

– Jeff Davis Broadway World, Anything Goes

“Each of the performers brings their best to the show, and it makes for an all-around high-quality experience.”

– Cate Blouke Austin 360, Anything Goes

“I've praised other TXST shows like Urinetown and Into the Woods, but Anything Goes is in a class all its own. Directed by Kaitlin Hopkins and choreographed by Cassie Abate, the production is polished, snappy, and redefines "high energy."

– Jeff Davis Broadway World, Anything Goes

“So hellzapoppin in San Marcos, and by the evidence of this show, director Kaitlin Hopkins has established a superb training regime and attracted young persons of outstanding talent. They take this mannered 80-year-old construction by storm and give it verve and flash.”

– Michael Meigs CTX Live Theatre, Anything Goes


“I've seen a number of productions of HAIR over the years, but I can't recall a performance of "The Flesh Failures" that had the urgency and concern for the audience that this one has. I felt those kids were looking at those of us in this "dying nation" with great compassion and an intense desire to turn us from the path of self-destruction. Maybe I hadn't paid close enough in those earlier productions, but for the first time, I heard "Let the sunshine in" not as a call to some abstract force but as a life-or-death plea to us, the audience, as fellow citizens of the United States and fellow travelers on Spaceship Earth. The proximity of the performers, the direct eye contact they made, and the conviction on their faces were quite affecting. I thank your students for that.”

-Robert Faires

Into the Woods

“Texas State University’s current production of  Into the Woods is easily the best live production of the show that I have yet to see. This winning cast, smart director, and the wonderful creative team have created an Into the Woods that is charming, funny, heartfelt, and entertaining above all else. This production has one of the most extraordinary casts I've seen perform this work.”

–Jeff Davis, Into the Woods


“If Texas State's flawless production of Urinetown is any indicator, the place has a damn good musical theatre program. Their strong cadre of triple-threat performers, practically professional student designers, and excellent faculty leadership all but guarantee that the journey down I-35 will be worth your while."

– Jillian Owens

Austin Chronicle, Urinetown

The Wild Party

"Outrageously talented students at Texas State's production of The Wild Party.”

–Michael Barnes

Austin 360, The Wild Party