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What are we looking for?

“Our program is looking for committed, passionate, brave artists who embrace their craft, not just their careers. We are interested in students who are inspired by the process--individuals with a desire to commit to that process, not just the result. Our goal is to find that unique group of artists that will help define and redefine the future of theatre.”

- Kaitlin Hopkins, Head of Musical Theatre

Production photo a chorus line
LEgally blonde
  • Committed, Passionate, Fearless

  • Innovative Joyful Creators 

  • Artists willing to fail forward. 

  • Artists with integrity and strength of character.

  • Artists that redefine the artform. 

  • Professionals with a strong work ethic.

  • Artists who go outside their comfort zone. 

  • Collaborative artists who serve humanity. 

  • Artists with an authentic voice.

  • Artists with a sense of wonder and curiosity. 

  • Artists who appreciate diversity and ideas. 

  • Artists that know who they are.