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Teen Dad

*All callback materials (sides, music, and rehearsal tracks) for both shows will be made available via Canvas.

Teen Dad

By Adrienne Dawes



Abby, a precocious emo-goth teenager, orchestrates a surprise reunion for her mother Tanya and birth father Tom, with the help of her mom's fiancé/healer John. Hoping to provoke long-lasting reconciliation between her parents before her high school graduation, Abby's plans completely derail when Tom arrives with his new girlfriend Alisha. Can this family confront their past traumas,"deal and heal?” TeenDadsubverts popular regional theatre "kitchen-sink beach house dramedy" to share a heartfelt, comedic exploration of generational trauma and recovery in a mixed-race Black and Latinx family.

STATEMENT OF DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIONThe creative team is committed to casting practices that advance diversity and inclusion. All ethnicities, types, and abilities will be considered for every role with the exception of roles on which the storyline is dependent on a particular race. These exceptions are noted specifically in the character breakdown below.


Tanya: Female, 33, black. A single mother with a lot of emotional baggage. Grew up in a single parent household and gave up on her dreams to build a better life for her daughter. Her past makes it hard for her to trust others. A survivor in recovery. Strong, Short tempered, Stubborn.

John: Male or Masculine person, early 40s, black. Tanya’s fiancé. A social worker and self-described “healer” who can see sound. Always walks around with his shirt open. He keeps Tanya grounded while repressing his own past trauma. Wants to keep everything “cool.” Constantly trying to win the approval of Tanya’s daughter. Grounded, Calm, Patient.

Abby: Female or Feminine person, 15, Afro-Latina/x. Daughter of Tanya and Tom. The result of a high school hookup. Extremely artistic and smart. Top of her class. Writes and performs her own music. A mostly cheerful emo-punk goth. Wants her estranged parents to reconcile to support her at graduation. Almost too mature for her age. Confident, Creative, Independent.

Tom: Male, 29, mixed-race (White/Latino). Abby’s biological father. A baby-faced punk rocker high school dropout who tries to be the “cool dad.” Wasn’t really in Abby’s life when she was growing up. More of a friend than a parent. Wants everyone he meets to give him a tattoo. A drummer in a band. Enjoys pushing Tanya’s buttons. Grungy, Course, Carefree.

Alisha (pronounced a-loo-sha): Female or Feminine person, 21, mixed race. Tom’s girlfriend. Dresses very clean-cut. Loves the color pink. Adopted and raised by a white single mother when she was 12. Doesn’t know her background. Cares about what others think of her. Socially awkward in new and uncomfortable situations. Preppy, Quirky, Awkward.

CASTING NOTE:The roles of ABBY, ALISHA, and JOHN are open to non-binary, trans and/or gender non-conforming actors of color.