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*All callback materials (sides, music, and rehearsal tracks) for both shows will be made available via Canvas.


Notes on Casting: The same actor will play Random Hot Latino Bro, Officer Hernandez, and Ricky the Paramedic. The same actor will play Sarita Rosales and Maria Sepulveda, and will also voice-act A Soothing Voice.

Ana Sepulveda - Latina. 29/30. On the edge of turning thirty, a counselor at a middle school, she does yoga. She’s been bearing other people’s problems for too long, with no one to bear hers. She just wants to find some peace. She is at a crossroads with her love life and is facing the end of a three year relationship and has major obstacles standing in the way of starting her next chapter. Not only does she have to break up with Brean and his mother who has intrusively moved into their home, she’ll have to fight to keep her apartment. She’s self aware that she needs a partner who can be just as badass as she is. She goes through a major transformation stepping into her personal power.

Edith Gonzalez Gonzalez - Latina. 31. She’s a middle-school teacher. So, yeah drinks too much and has a sex addiction. Takes the role of being Ana’s fiercest, closest, and most loyal supporter/friend very seriously. She sees Ana for being kind, gentle, nurturing in a way she could only dream of being and can’t stand to watch her be treated with such disregard. She also has a thing for bros. She does not take Brean or Ingrid’s shit. Has a tendency to say the right thing and low key is very wise.

Brean Farnsworth - White. Male. 33. An accountant. Loves to hear himself talk. He might say he’s chill, but he’s definitely not. Very much a momma’s boy which is a major understatement. His mommy is the first call he makes at any sign of turbulence in his life. Her new age persona has also rubbed off on him. He’s been raised to carry around a raging ego, Brean is a very big fan of Brean. Right underneath is a crippling inability to be self reliant. His name is like “Bryan w/ an E” What more do I have to say about this guy? Oh, and he gets bitten by a bat and is finally cursed in the end with a lisp.

Ingrid Farnsworth - White. Female. 60s. A PhD candidate in Wisdom studies at Ubiquity University (online) and feminist-ceramicist. Helicopter mom who is intrusively involved in her son’s life while indulging in baby talk when it comes to her “baby-bee”, Brean. She can solve any dispute with new age sounds, a candle, and some bongos. A true granola eating new age cringe worthy boomer. Has a scene where there’s some fake blood oozing out of the mouth.

Doña Sarita Rosales - Latina. 60s. An hechicera who also does Fintech. She’s cool. She’s fire. She’s all of the above. Makes a ton of money. She’s got self described cat eyes, “Where others see darkness I see light." She has a passion for helping young women discover and assert their own power. Edith enlists her expertise in helping Ana burn down the walls that corner her.

Maria Sepulveda - Latina. 60s. Ana’s mother. She comes to town just in time to celebrate Ana’s birthday. Great mom, great lady.

Random Hot Latino Bro - Latino 30ish. He’s random. He’s hot. He’s Latino. He’s a bro (also an Aries). He carries brass knuckles.

Officer Hernandez - Latino. 30ish. He’s an officer, but not a gentleman.

Ricky the Paramedic - Latino. 30ish. He’s a paramedic. He’s nice, charming, hardworking, and handsome. The kind of man Maria wants Ana to end up with.

A Soothing Voice - Yoga instructor voice recurring throughout the play. Think Enya playing in the background. The same actor playing Sarita Rosales and Maria Sepulveda