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Hair Callboard


Please be aware we are holding general auditions for both shows on Friday, August 20

Callbacks for:

HAIR will take place 8/21-8/23

*All callback materials (sides, music, and rehearsal tracks) for both shows will be made available via Canvas.

*Check back for information on signing up for an audition slot and submitting your headshot/resume ahead of time for either or both musicals.


08/31-9/3 and 9/10 Music Rehearsals

9/13 Staging Begins

11/16 - 11/22 Performances

· Rehearsal will be 6:45-10:45 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

· Wednesday’s will be TBA. However, actors are required to be available and may be called.



GENERAL AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: Please prepare a 16 bar (or 1 minute) song selection from HAIR. An accompanist will be provided.

*Callbacks will include a dance/movement call and make use of the sides and cuts available on Canvas with rehearsal tracks provided.


The creative team is committed to casting practices that advance the inclusion of diverse artists. We welcome and encourage actors to audition without regard to ethnicity, type, or ability. Additionally, the genders listed in the breakdown below are specific to the pronouns used in the script, however, the creative team is considering all gender identities for all roles provided that the performer can execute the vocal requirements. All auditions will be approached with an open mind and open hearts.

CONCEPT: HAIR is the great American love rock musical, and it sure feels like our community could use an in-person, joy-filled, hilarious great American love rock musical right about now! It is shocking to discover that this musical, which should be an outdated relic, explores themes that are quite relevant to our society today. We hope to put together a brave assemblage of artists, and collectively explore the themes in the play, both easy and hard, and translate them into a high-energy, visceral rock concert, leading to catharsis for both the audience and the artists involved.

SPECIAL NOTE (regarding nudity): To many, HAIR is notorious for having nude scenes. Currently, there is no plan to include actual nudity in the show. We may explore the possibility of simulating nudity. All intimacy in the rehearsal process and the production will strictly follow intimacy best practices, and no intimacy at all will be requested during the audition/callback process.


(Alphabetical order)

BERGER (rock baritone/ tenor): Male-identifying teen. Daring instigator, provocative rebel, high school dropout. Ringmaster, trickster, liberator, and loose cannon. Free-spirited yet passive-aggressive, and superhuman charisma. Sometimes lewd, and always sharing his sexual energy with those around him. Long hair.


CLAUDE (rock baritone/ tenor): Male-identifying teen. Both a charismatic leader and a confused kid with an unlucky draft number. Born in Flushing and not England as he would have you believe. Dreams of being invisible, and his parents view him as a burden. Possibly Queer, and we intend to explore Queer themes with this character. Strong actor must wear a wig for the majority of the performance.


CRISSY (mezzo): Female-identifying teen. Possibly the youngest in the Tribe. The very definition of a flower child. Mourning a lost love. Sings “Frank Mills,” for which we may consider an indie/folk vocal style.


DIONNE (alto/ mezzo): Female-identifying teen. Black. Though she speaks less than others, she’s a crucial, central member of the Tribe. Has dirt on everyone. Playful. Strong comedic actor.


HUBERT (any): A man in his 50’s, a naive tourist, smitten with his wife Margaret. The actor may also double as an ensemble member of the Tribe.


HUD (rock baritone/tenor): Male teen. Black and PROUD. Capable of high intensity and flying off the handle. A commanding presence who speaks his mind, can be defiant. A lover and a believer in the social justice causes in which he is embroiled. In one number, he loudly and provocatively calls out (or sings out) every racist epithet and stereotype about Black people that he can think of.


JEANIE (alto): Female teen. Pregnant with the tribe’s baby. Passionate, creative, wise, prefers to follow rather than lead. An empathetic traveler of emotional realms, capable of appearing and disappearing at will. A caretaker, an earth mother. Loves Claude. Strong actor.


MARGARET MEAD (countertenor/should be comfortable singing up to an a5): A tourist living her life to the fullest in drag, happy in her 50’s with her husband Hubert (who does not know she is not a sis woman). Confident, motherly, and wise. The actor may also double as an ensemble member of the Tribe. Drag experience is a plus.


SHEILA (rock alto): Female teen. The smartest member of the Tribe, and a student at NYU. Strong presence, strong-willed, a diehard political activist. Head over heels for Berger but having Claude’s baby. Sings the iconic song “Easy to Be Hard.”


WOOF (rock baritone/ tenor): Male teen identifying/open to gender fluid. Innocent lover, peacekeeper, youthful, an enjoyer of attention. In love with Berger and Mick Jagger. We’re seeking a highly versatile performer with excellent comedic timing.



THE TRIBE (13-15 performers with a variety of vocal ranges)

The heartbeat of the piece, the Tribe will be made up of generous, malleable, and playful performers. Strong singers, excellent movers, and flexible actors, they will not only play the hippies Ronny, Leata, Paul, Walter, Steve, Hiram, Suzannah, Mary, Emmaretta, Diane, Marjorie, Linda, and Natalie, but also 3 moms, 3 dads, 3 high school principals, 2 policemen, The Supremes, go-go dancers, an army sergeant, Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth, Calvin Coolidge, Clark Gable, Scarlett O’Hara, Aretha Franklin, Colonel Custer, a shoeshine boy, 4 monks, 3 Catholic nuns, 3 astronauts, and others.