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*All callback materials (sides, music, and rehearsal tracks) for both shows will be made available via Canvas.

EL NOGALAR by Tanya Saracho, directed by Anna Skidis Vargas


Note: this production will feature alternating performances of the original script and a mostly Spanish-language adaptation. Both versions of the script are available for your perusal on Canvas. EL NOGALAR is an adaptation of Chekhov’s THE CHERRY ORCHARD set in the early 2010s in Northern Mexico. The ‘maña’ is intent on prying the Galvan family’s beloved pecan orchard away from matriarch Maite, who lives in constant denial of her family’s dwindling economic fortunes. Lopez, the son of a former family servant, tries his best to get Maite to see the reality of the situation before it is too late, to little avail. EL NOGALAR is a searing exploration of class, family legacy, and the harsh socioeconomic realities of modern-day Mexico.

Casting Breakdown

Maite: landowner and matriarch, clings to the past, to fun, and her looks - Latina, 40s

Anita: Maite’s youngest daughter, feels out of touch with her Mexican roots - Latina, early 20s

Valeria: Maite’s eldest daughter, feels responsible for the family and their failing finances - Latina, late 20s/early 30s

Dunia: a maid who is always feeling out her best opportunities, snarky and realistic - Latina, mid to late 20s

Lopez: a “merchant,” always looking for the best way to survive, caught between Valeria and his longtime obsession with Maite - Latino, late 30s/early 40s