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The Tempest

Tempest Callbacks

Monday, Oct. 15
Reader: Jackson Pounds

PROSPERO (6:30) SIDE: Prospero 2, Prospero 3
1. Kaycee Swierc
2. Liz Rees
3. Julieanna Stolley
4. Bella Coppola

ARIEL (7:30) SIDE: Ariel 1, Ariel 2
1. Reese
2. Rachel Webb
3. Morgan Amalbert
4. Julia Lamia

PROSPERO/ARIEL (8:00) SIDE: Prospero 1, Ariel 3
MIRANDA (8:45) SIDE: Miranda 1
1. Jada Owens
2. Grace Hickey
3. Marrisa Mendoza
4. Jada Adams
5. Amber Mawande-Spytek
6. Mia Heber

FERDINAND (9:15) SIDE: Ferdinand 1
1. Jessica Healey

2. Morgan Amalbert
3. Aubrey Clyburn
4. Casey Glaude

MIR/FERD (9:45) SIDE: Miranda & Ferdinand

Tuesday, Oct. 16
Reader: Sarah T.
CALIBAN (6:30) SIDE: Caliban 1, Caliban 2
1. Kaycee Swierc
2. Daniella Trevino
3. Lily Kren
4. Bella Coppola
5. Cayla Primious
6. Zoe Ashton
7. Emma Kessler
8. Emily Absher

TRINCULO (8:00) SIDE: Trinculo 1
1. Matt Wellborn
2. Casey Glaude
3. Lila Perlman
4. Kate Edmunds

STEPHANO (8:20) SIDE: Stephano 1
1. Payton Mayfield
2. Matt Wellborn

CAL/STEPH/TRINC (8:45) SIDE: Cal/Trinc/Steph

1. Rachel Webb
2. Morgan Amalbert
3. Julia Lamia

    4. Reese

ARIEL MUSIC Audition (9:15) TRACK: Full Fathom Five & Where the Bee Sucks
1. Rachel Webb
2. Morgan Amalbert
3. Julia Lamia

4. Reese

Wednesday, Oct. 17
Reader: Sarah T.

ALONSO (6:30) SIDE: Alonso 1 & 2
1. Camille Duval
2. Jonaee Davis
3. Harmoni Hayes
4. Cayla Primous
5. Kaycee Swierc
6. Daniella Trevino

7. Micaela Lamas

ANTONIO/SEBASTION (7:15) SIDE: Antonio/Sebastian 1, Sebastian 2


1. Julieanna Stolley

2. Liz Rees
3. Sarah Reese
4. Willa Fossum

5. Aubrey Clyburn
6. Maura Gill
7. Taylor Aronson
8. Morgan Amalbert

GONZALO (8:15) SIDE: Gonzalo 1 & 2
1. Aubrey Clyburn
2. Jada Owens
3. Daniella Trevino
4. Micaela Lamas

5. Mykal Baynes

BOATSWAIN (8:45) SIDE: Boatswain 1 & 2
1. Emily Absher
2. Katie Henderson
3. Matt Wellborn

FRANCISCO/ADRIAN (9:00) SIDE: Francisco/Adrian
1. Sarah Gray
2. Lydia Landrum
3. Marie Lauderman
4. Julia Buszac
5. Sarah Babick
6. Brenda Salas
7. Tatum Story
8. Kendra Perry

Thursday, Oct. 18

IRIS (7:00) TRACK: Blessings Trio Excerpt & Full Fathom Five
1. Juliette Reddin
2. Chris Brown

CERES (7:15) TRACK: Blessings Trio Excerpt & Full Fathom Five
1. Amanda Blake
2. Morgan Amalbert
3. Emily Edwards

JUNO (7:30) TRACK: Blessings Trio Excerpt & Full Fathom Five
1. Zoe Ashton
2. Chris Brown



The Tempest Script

*Rehearsal: Jan 3-Feb. 2

Technical: Feb. 6-10

Rehearsal Schedule: 1/3-1/5 10-6 (Sat 11-5) Reh. 1/7-1/12 10-6 (Sat. 11-5) Reh. 1/14- 1/19 10-6 (Sat. 11-5) Reh. 1/21-1/26 10-6 (Sat. 11-5) Reh. 1/28-2/2 10-6 (Sat. 11-5) Reh. 2/3 (Time TBD) Crew Watch 2/4-2/9 6-11 TECH/DRESS 2/11 TBD 2/12-12/17 Performances *(Select individual meetings to be scheduled in Dec. prior to Winter Break. Individual and small group text work will take place the week of Jan 3. Full company rehearsals will begin the week of Jan. 9., though calls will be staggered.)

Performance- Feb 12-17 

Please Note: 

Actors auditioning for Ariel should prepare "Full Fathom Five" and "Where the Bee Sucks."

Actors comfortable singing "Blessing Trio" for possible dual casting in the role of IRIS may do so, BUT THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. Casting in the role of Ariel is not contingent upon singing Iris.

Though these learning tracks are rather inflexible in regard to strict tempo, actors should know that there is much more flexibility in the musical texture. Hopefully, the singers will interpret things a bit freer.

Actors should have 16 bars of their own to sing upon request.




Castaway on a magical island, an exiled duke struggles to subdue his enemies and reunite his daughter with a society. In this fresh look at Shakespeare’s poetic masterpiece about revenge, romance, and power, an all-female cast delivers a sharp critique on the nature of dominance and offers hope for forgiveness, redemption, and transformation.

Casting Call

Seeking a cast of 16-21 performers of all backgrounds who identify as female to play the following roles. These roles will not be re-gendered, nor will performers be expected to “pass” as men, a simple “suggestion” of masculinity will serve. There need be no attempt to hide the fact that the performers are playing men. For the audition, concentrate on the text, character, and situation. Any or all roles may double with Spirit of The Isle, etc. Performers should possess strong vocal skills, bold physicality, and an innate joy of playing.

PROSPERO- Lead. 40’s, the deposed Duke of Milan A man struggling for balance. Irascible and controlling, yet possessing extraordinary mental prowess and a willingness to sacrifice everything for his daughter. An autodidact, he has spent the past twelve years honing his magical powers in order to entrap and exact revenge upon his enemies. Seeking a charismatic performer with an exceptional, commanding presence and verbal acuity.

MIRANDA- 15-year-old Daughter to Prospero Raised on the island by her father. Curious, compassionate, and resourceful; mischievous, energetic and scrappy. Devoted to her father, but beginning to question his authority.

ARIEL - A spirit of the ether Indebted to Prospero and held in servitude to enact his commands. Wily and fluid, but can be electric and mercurial. Longs to comprehend human nature. A master of stillness and simplicity who moves at the speed of thought. A confident singer. (May double as IRIS)

CALIBAN - A person. Formidable. Once ruled the island which he loves; now suffering the pain of the betrayed. Enslaved by Prospero, he is desperate to regain his freedom and possession of the isle—and enlists the help of two court servants, Stephano and Trinculo, to do so. Vengeful, but also gullible and endearing. Can be coarse, but proves to be open, sensitive and humane. Seeking a fearless performer with a sense of humor, honesty, and an exceptional range.

ALONSO - The corrupt King of Naples, late 40’s Moody, selfish, domineering, and childlike. Undergoes a profound change of heart following the loss of his son.

FERDINAND - Prince of Naples, 20 This virile, dashing young man is privileged, guileless, and irresponsible, but is soon transformed by Miranda.

ANTONIO - Younger brother to Prospero 30’s/40’s Ruthless, pragmatic, and sardonic. This Machiavellian—driven by an insatiable lust for power— enlists Sebastian to commit murder. A dangerous man.

SEBASTIAN - Irrelevant younger brother to the King of Naples, 30’s/40’s Sour, spoiled and petulant. A pampered, privileged wastrel who is too easily enticed to murder his older brother, the king.

GONZOLO - Adviser to the King of Naples, 60’s Even-tempered, generous, and spiritual. Able to see the good in any situation, but sharp enough to keep himself alive in a political landscape. Nobody’s fool.

FRANCISCO - 20’s Sycophantic and upwardly mobile aide to the king. Could be dangerous. Wants to be on the winning side.

ADRIAN - 20’s Relative and aide to Gonzalo. Crisp and efficient. A lamb among the wolves.

STEPHANO - The King’s Butler, early 50’s A pompous pleasure seeker and a drunkard. This butler and servant of the court proves himself capable of delusions of grandeur. Requires an actor of natural joy and comic sensibilities.

TRINCULO - Effervescent entertainer who proves himself to be an envious, greedy, sloppy drunk. Requires an actor of natural comic sensibilities.

MASTER OF THE SHIP - Commanding, powerful (may double with Prospero, Ariel, or a Spirit of the Isle)

BOATSWAIN - In charge of the ship’s deck crew, 30’s Practical, rough, abrupt. He gets the job done. Disdainful of authority, but eventually childlike in his wonder at this island adventure. (may double with Spirit of the Isle)

IRIS - Messenger of the Gods and sister of the Harpies! Bright and energetic. (singing role, may double as Ariel and/or Spirit of the Isle)

CERES - Goddess of harvest and plenty; healthy, kind, and affable. (singing role, may double as Spirit of the Isle)

JUNO - Queen of the universe, wife of Zeus (the notorious adulterer); generous protector of married women, spiteful of infidelity; dynamic, powerful, bold. (singing role, may double as Spirit of the Isle)

SPIRITS, NYMPHS, REAPERS. MARINERS (ensemble players/movers/dancers/singers)