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Call Board

Fall Semester 2019

The general auditions are for the fall shows (Please click the title to view your callback, sides, and character information) :

Spring Semester 2020

The general auditions are for the spring shows:


To audition you MUST  fill out this form.


  • There will be an info table in the lobby when you arrive letting you know where to go, check-in, etc.

  • Sign-up sheets will be posted on the auditions call-board on Monday, August 19th.

  • The call-board is located in the small hallway off of the lobby and leading to the 121 offices


  • 9/2-9/6: The Black and Latino Playwrights Celebration (BLPC) - Artistic Directors: Eugene Lee & Nadine Mozon
  • 10/10 – 10/13:  Studio #1:  The Harvest, by Samuel Hunter, Directed by Aaron Sparks
  • 11/14 – 11/17:  Studio #2: Lydia, by Octavio Solis, Directed by Holly Nanes


The audition packets should have:

  • the audition form as the top page - please double check that you have submitted the most recent audition form (updated and posted on TRACS)
  • If you have an additional or pre-typed page of information or conflicts, please attach as the second page of the audition form and before your resume.
  • the resume/list of experience as the second page
  • and the headshot/photo as the last or back page



  • All actors must check in 15 minutes prior to their audition block. For example: if your block begins at 6pm, you must check-in by 5:45pm. 
  • Please slate before you begin your monologue. The time keeper will begin after you slate. 
  • You have ONE MINUTE to complete your monologue. At 55 seconds the time keeper will raise their hand as an alert and at one minute the time keeper will say “Thank you”.
  • If you are not present 15 minutes prior to your audition block you will be placed in the next available block.
  • Reminder: **All audition materials - headshots/photo, resumes/list of experience, and audition forms - must be submitted by Thursday, August 22nd, at 2:00pm.