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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to prepare an Audition piece?

Students will not have to prepare any audition pieces.  All directors will use a combination of movement/characterization activities and cold readings for auditions.

Where will I be staying on campus?

Students will be housed in one of the University Dormitories for the two weeks of camp.
Male and females will be separated within the dorm.
All meals during the two weeks will be provided and are included in the camp fees.

Will I need extra money for anything?

It is always a good idea to have a little spending money. There are usually vending machines in the dorms, as well as in the Theatre building. There are coin-operated laundry facilities if desired.

What should I bring with me to camp?

The items you will need for residence on campus include, but are not limited to:

  • linens (single beds) and towels
  • blanket and/or fan for comfort level
  • alarm clock (tardiness is not acceptable)
  • personal toiletries (soap, shampoo, hygiene items)
  • pencils and highlighters
  • comfortable appropriate clothing for rehearsals
  • comfortable shoes (including athletic shoes)
  • *No flip-flps allowed during theatre auditions, classes or rehearsals!
  • cash for snacks, etc.
  • detergent, quarters for coin-operated laundry, if desired

What if I need to leave at some point during the two weeks?

During the two week stay of the camp, the students' schedules are quite full.  Programs start early and end late.  Time spent in classes, rehearsals and in the dorms creates a camaraderie and bonding experience as each student comes to know the other participants of the camp.  If the student must leave for a short while at any time during the two weeks, it must be arranged prior to the beginning of the camp.  Please complete the Parental Authorization and Request for Departure form (found in the camp application materials) and submit by the first day of camp.

What are the rules and consequences of the camp?

The camp rules, policies and procedures are laid out in the Student Parent Handbook.  Each participant and his/her parents must read and sign the Student Parent Handbook Form of Compliance.

The camp staff will have strict rules regarding curfew, class attendance, rehearsal etiquette, and behavior. Rule violations may result in a phone call to parents, restrictions on activities, or suspension from camp. If a student is sent home for rule violations, his/her tuition will not be refunded.  For more detailed information, see the Student and Parent Handbook. Parents will also be required to fill out the Medical Emergency Information / Consent for Treatment Form and the Waiver of Liability, Consent to Treatment and Picture Release Form.

How do I get more information so I can attend?

For any questions, contact Vlasta Silhavy at