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Study Abroad

What You Will Learn

The London/Stratford Study Abroad Program offers six hours of academic credit earned during the summer. These two courses will expose students to two different approaches to the performance of Shakespeare’s plays. Students will take classes as well as attend and analyze productions at the Royal Shakespeare Company, known for its expansive contemporary approach and at London’sGlobe Theatre, recognized as a leader in exploring Elizabethan original practices. Shakespeare Through Performance will focus on contemporary performance practices while Shakespeare: Text and Context will provide a historical and cultural background to the plays and the performances. In addition, students will examine textual implications of Shakespeare’s source materials and analyze his texts for language characteristics. The primary teaching will come from the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Globe Theatre with the program directors supplementing instruction.


What You Will Experience

Following four days of intensive coursework in residence at Texas State, students travel to Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace, located in the beautiful, rural Warwickshire countryside on the banks of the Avon river. Known as one of the most important tourist destinations in the United Kingdom, Stratford-upon-Avon is also home to The Royal Shakespeare Company. Students reside in shared guesthouses during the one-week stay in Stratford. Days are filled with lectures, practical workshops, and rehearsals.  Evening hours are devoted to attendance at RSC performances, studying, and further rehearsals.
Next, the students travel to London for a twelve-day stay in which they participate in master classes with professionals from The Globe Theatre. While housed on the grounds of Central London University, students will also participate in a variety of activities and excursions including a tour of the National Theatre, a lecture at the British Museum, visits to the Globe Museum and the Theatre Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum as well as regular theatre attendance.

The program is offered for either graduate or undergraduate credit. Selective admission is by application and interview.



TH 5323 Shakespeare Through Performance

  • Analysis of Shakespeare's language
  • Introduction to Shakespearean performance techniques
  • Preparation of monologues
  • Attendance at Shakespeare performances
  • Master classes in voice, movement, acting and stage combat

TH 5324 Shakespeare: Text and Context

  • Study of the historical context of Shakespeare's plays
  • Study of Shakespeare text as dramatic literature


  • Must be working towards a Master degree (graduate students only)
  • Approval by the Academic Program Advisor and the Department Chair
  • An additional application must complete an interview with the Academic Program Advisor