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2019-2020 Season

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

By Tom Stoppard

Director by Allison Price

Scenic Design by Gary Thornsberry

Costume Design by Ryan Sozzi

Sound Design by Phillip Owen

Lighting Design by Andrew McDaniels

Production Stage Manager Olivia Fletcher

Two women, one dressed in blue one dressed in red renaissance clothes. Women in red has her arms raised. They are both happy
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The Harvest

By Samuel D. Hunter

Directed by Aaron Sparks

Lighting Design by Megan Whittington

Sound Design by Aaron Sparks

Calling Stage Manager Holden Fox

Four people stand center stage with their arms raised in prayer. Behind them, a fifth man stands in the doorway watching them, he is drenched from the rain outside and disappointed by what he sees.
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The Survivors/Los Sobrevivientes

By Katie Bender

Directed by Jerry Ruiz

Scenic Design by Erin Lavespere

Costume Design by Alexander Stearns

Lighting Design by Max Wallace

Sound Design by Bailey Nance and George Sanchez

Production Stage Manager Lyndsey Vanstory

A woman stands to the right in a gold gown, she is concerned. In the shadows behind her a man sits while holding a bottle. Far to the left, another woman crouches in the darkness behind a crate, holding a small lantern, watching them.
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By Octavio Solis

Directed by Holly Nañes

Lighting Design by Johnny Painter

Calling Stage Manager Holden Fox


A girl in a long, white lace dress kneels before two young men stricken with grief. She holds their faces and consoles them while a mother and son in their pajamas watch with both disappointment and concern. Unseen by them all, the spirit of the girl in lace watches.
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Little Women

Book by Allan Knee
Music by Minidi Dickstein
Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott

Directed and choreographed by Alex Rodriguez

Music Direction by Stephanie Wells

Scenic Design by Cheri Prough DeVol

Costume Design by William Ward

Lighting Design by Sydney Smith

Sound Design by Miranda DeVere

Assistant Choreographer Lily Kren

Production Stage Manager Hayes Richard

A young woman stands holding her novel, while the audience she is reading to watches her with rapt attention. On the platform behind them, the characters from the woman novel are also watching her and waiting for her direction.
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By Virginia Grise

Directed by Holly Nañes

Scenic Design by Gary Thornsberry

Costume Design by Katie Brand

Lighting Design by Austin Kelm

Sound Design by Flora McNabb

Choreographed by Lily Kren

Assistant Directed by George Franco

Production Stage Manager Casey Boriskie

Four young adults sit before a memorial shrine with candles and photos of a young man. Behind them another young man sits with his elbows on his knees, his face is pained. Another man stands watching them with his arms behind his back.
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Measure for Measure

By William Shakespeare

Directed by Dr. Charles Ney

Movement Direction by Lyndsay Lab

Voice Direction by Kate Glasheen

Scenic & Lighting Design by Cheri Prough DeVol

Costume Design by Alexander Stearns

Sound Design by Riley Burke

Assistant Lighting Design by Max Wallace

Production Stage Manager Lyndsay Vanstory

Full cast is on stage performing an end of show dance number with beautiful lighting overlay.
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Men on Boats

By Jaclyn Backhaus

Directed by Aaron Sparks

Scenic Design by AnnDee Alvidrez

Costume Design by Eric Robertson

Lighting Design by MacKenzie Mulligan

Sound Design by Dylan Byrnes

Production Stage Manager Jenny Dang

Due to Covid-19, the following productions were cancelled. We are proud of the collaboration and work our students put into to these productions.

Poster advertisement for the Texas State Production of The Other Shore.
The Other Shore
Poster for the Texas State Production of Guys and Dolls.
Guys and Dolls