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Corporate Sponsorship

Proud sponsor of A Chorus Line

Since its humble roots in 2003, Legacy Mutual Mortgage has been serving the home loan needs of homebuyers, real estate professionals and builders. As a full-service mortgage loan company backed by Crockett National Bank, Legacy Mutual Mortgage has a wide array of products available to their clients—from conventional, FHA and VA loans to construction, rehab and jumbo lending.

Legacy Mutual Mortgage began in San Antonio more than 12 years ago and has seen exponential growth, opening an array of offices throughout Texas and beyond. Office locations also include Austin, Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Denton, New Braunfels and Boerne, as well as Nashville, Tenn., Denver, Colo. and Golden, Colo.

While the company is growing quickly, it has remained committed to outstanding customer, focused on continuing to grow and expand into other markets, at the right rate with the right people, to ensure they will always provide the same top quality service, professional expertise and personal involvement.

With over 45 loan officers company-wide, Legacy remains focused on serving the Realtor and referral partner community and the end customer with “raving fan” type of service and partnership. When partnering with their real estate partners, Legacy Mutual loan officers make it a priority to provide additional value. The company provides monthly or bi-monthly classes on topics such as pertinent changes in the industry, how to use social media, the latest and greatest business technology tools, understanding credit and its impact on buying a home, and how to create and market to your database.  Additionally, several Legacy Mutual loan officers are also coaches for The CORE Training and give educational talks to the various associations throughout the state.  

Legacy Mutual Mortgage recently interviewed several realtors who they work with. “There were two things that were consistent across the board,” Legacy Chief Recruiting Officer, Natalie Jack says. “First, the realtors felt that Legacy makes their work load less, and when they turn their clients over to our loan officers, they know the clients are taken care of. Additionally, realtors felt that working with Legacy means they don’t have to babysit the deal. The clients are communicated with, the right steps are happening and the deal will close on time.”