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Sam McMurray - Television/Film Actor

Sam McMurray - Television and Film Actor

When thinking about composing a new bio I am often reminded of something an old friend, the, now famous actor Sam Jackson often told me:”donʼt nobody care.” Dis-irregardless, the soon to be legendary JulieAnn Emery has persisted, so here goes. I will henceforth speak of myself in the third person,as is the wont of many highly paid athletes.

Sam McMurray was born,will live for a while, and probably die before he expects to. He has been an actor for over thiirty-five years. His parents and stepmother were actors, the mother of
his children was an actress, and his oldest daughter is an actress. Guess it couldnʼt be helped. Like any “ism”, itʼs a family disease.

A Greenwich Village Idiot, he grew up in the theatre world and after college entered that world as a dues paying Equity member. He cobbled a living together from appearances on the New York stage,as well as regional theatre, the occasional commercial and TV and film roles. He is particularly fond of “Translations,” “A Soldierʼs Play,” “Savage in Limbo,”ʼ “The Taking of Miss Janie,” “KId Purple,” “Comedians,” and “Gray Spades,” to name a few. He is a long time member of Ensemble Studio Theater and a veteran of many summers at the Eugene OʼNeill Playwrights conference, where he debuted works by John Patrick Shanley, James Yoshimura and Adam Rapp, among others,as well as a regular contributor to the Seven Devils in McCall, Idaho.

The prospect of making a living wage appealed to him,so he relocated to Los Angeles in 1986. The timing was right, and he soon found work in features and on television,notably in “Raising Arizona,” “L.A. Story,” “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” “Stone Cold,” “Mod Squad” and “Dear God.” Not to mention “Slappy and the Stinkers.” He did the usual raft of guest shots on TV and appeared as a regular on “The Tracey Ullman Show,” “Likely Suspects,” “A League of their Own,” “Matt Waters,” “Medicine Ball,” “Stand by your Man,” and his favorite, “Dinosaurs.” More recently, he recurred on “King of Queens,”“Friends,”
“Freaks and Geeks,” and “Breaking Bad.”

Although technically declined, Mr. McMurray does have a computer, and is aware of online technology and the “next thing,” known as non-paying webisodes. The upside to this new venue is that he gets to do something he digs very much, with folks of voracious talent and appetite;to wit, “Then We Got HELP!” This past Christmas he returned to New York in order to shoot two webisodes of the aforementioned, and had more fun doing them than anything in recent memory. Come March, Mr. McMurray will proudly link this show to anyone who wants to see something of his “work.” Itʼs a brave new world and Iʼm in it, goddammit.