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Cailtin Carter - Professional Actress, Choreographer

Caitlin Carter

Whether on stage, back stage, as part of the creative staff or as an instructor and lecturer, Caitlin Carter is known for her committment to excellence and her dedication to the final product - a memorable performance.
In San Francisco at the age of eight, she began her training in acting, voice and dance. Following her love of ballet, she trained at the San Francisco Ballet, The School of American Ballet and, in her high school years, at the North Carolina School of the Arts. It was at SAB, at the age of fourteen, where Caitlin had a chance meeting with Bob Fosse. When she introduced herself, he replied "Caitlin Carter...that name would look good in lights." The seed had been planted.

After performing with San Antonio Ballet, she moved to Houston, Texas where, while simultaneously acquiring double-major degrees at prestigious Rice University, Caitlin was active in film, print, commercials, television and theatre. These theatrical endeavors allowed her to work with ascending directors, Rob Marshall and Susan Stroman. Upon the suggestion of Mr. Marshall, Caitlin boarded a plane and set off for a Long Beach production of CHICAGO, choreographed by Ann Reinking. Time and again, these, and other, pillars of the industry encouraged Caitlin to bring her talents to New York City.

Once in New York, Caitlin quickly established a career, exceptional for its continuous performing and longevity. Her first of five Broadway shows, Ain't Broadway Grand, came only two months after her move. The following productions - Victor/Victoria, CHICAGO, Swing!, Bells Are Ringing - range almost 10 years. Other endeavors in commercials, television and film occured throughout.

Well-known for her keen intellect and uncomprimising work ethic, Caitlin has extended her talents into choreography, directing, stage managing and producing. Her voluntary activities as board member of the non-profit organization, Career Transition for Dancers provides a rewarding service to her peers. However, Caitlin's lectures and Master Classes provide a special satisfaction - encouraging young performers and, hopefully, planting seeds for the future.

Caitlin continues her work in all areas of the entertainment business as a performer, director, choreographer, instructor and consultant.