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The Bowman Guest Artist Series

Texas State University Department of Theatre would like to thank Michael and Dianne Bowman for funding the Guest Artist Series. Their generous donation allows our students the opportunity to learn from and interact with professional artists currently working in the field. 

Guest Artists (alphabetical)

Phil Adelman - The Gage Group

John Augustine - Playwright-in-Residence

Michael Balderrama - Resident Choreographer

Micaela Bensko - Photographer

Jonathan Bernstein - Writer, Actor, Director, Artistic Director of TPAP

Steve Blanchard - Actor

VP Boyle - Broadway Audition Coach

Jonatha Brooke - Composer

Caitlin Carter - Actress, Choreographer

Joel Carlton- Casting Agent

Adam Cates - Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher

Dave Clemmons - Clemmons/Dewing Casting

Veanne Cox- Actress

John de Lancie - Actor/Director

Christopher Durang - Playwright-in-Residence

Michael Emerson - Actor

Alexander Gemignani - Actor

Kimberly Grigsby - Music Director, Conductor

Larry Grossman - Composer

Tyler Hanes - Actor

Christopher J Hanke - Actor

James Hindman- Actor and Playwright

Rachel Hoffman - Telsey and Company Casting

Mark Hollmann - Tony-award winning Composer

Meredith Inglesby - Actress

Jane Jourdan- Founder of Fit for Broadway

Travis Kelley - Photographer

Michael Kostroff - Television and Stage Actor, Writer, Speaker

Bob Krakower - Producer, Writer, Acting Coach

Megan Larche - Casting Director

Erik Liberman - Actor, Writer, Director

Sheryl Kaller - Director

Shirley Knight - Actress

Robin Lewis - Choreographer

Andrew Lippa - Composer

Sally Mayes - Award winning Broadway Actress

Sam McMurray - Television/Film Actor

Peter Melnick - Composer

Anne Nathan - Actress

Geoffrey Nauffs - Playwright

Steve Ochoa - Choreographer

Austin Pendleton - Actor/Director/Playwright

Hayley Podschun - Broadway Actress

Carrie Preston - Actress

Mark Price - Broadway Actor

Theresa Rebeck - Playwright

Kate Reinders- Actress

Michael Rodriguez - The Roster Agency

Andrew Samonsky- Actor

Sheri Sanders - Professional Actress, Author

Vincent Sandoval - Choreographer

John Sheehy - Playwright

Kim D. Sherman - Composer

Jason Styres - Broadway Casting Director

Tony Walton - Designer-in-Residence

Scott Wojcik - Casting Director

Christopher d"Amboise - Choreographer



Health Consultants

Dr. Brian Boudreaux - DC, ACP - Sports Therapy and Rehab Director for Musical Theatre Program

Dr. Andrew DeJong - Ear, Nose and Throat

Dr. Robert Wildman - Nutritionist

Dr. Randy Christensen - DC, ACP, LATChiropractor