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Ana Baer Carrillo

"As a choreographer and videographer, my philosophy is to provide a habitat for experimentation, creation and reflection. I craft dance and video with the purpose of expressing the inner condition of underrepresented communities -- indigenous, subcultures, women, and the abject poor, being a few." - Ana Baer
Ana Baer is an Assistant Professor at Texas State University. She received a Licentiate of Choreography from the CentroNacional de las Artes, in Mexico City and in 2000 moved from Mexico to the United States to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder, graduating in 2003 with an MFA in dance with an emphasis in video dance. In 2004, on a mission to support the development and production of new collaborative performance works that push the boundaries of traditional theatre Baer founded Avant Media Performance with composer Randy Gibson. Her increased interest in dance for video also led her to the co direction of The Sans Souci International Festival of Projected Dance with Michelle Ellsworth and Hamel Bloom. The collaborative aspect of Baer’s work has led to projects and performances with choreographers Nancy Spanier, Kim Olson, Gabe Masson, and Tarek Assam; filmmakers Elliot Caplan, Victor Jendras, and Hamel Bloom; musicians Randy Gibson and Marcelo Gaete, among others. She has also had the opportunity to present work in Germany, France, Mexico and the United States as a choreographer and videographer.

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