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The Texas State University's Dance Program prepares professional performers and choreographers and certifies teachers for the public schools. Students' explore several forms of dance and learn to use those forms in
educational and community settings. The role of dance as an art form and a means of developing sound aesthetic values are paramount in the program.

Graduates work in public schools, private schools, private studios, and professional dance groups. Some have also gone on to pursue advanced degrees, conducting further preperation for the profession or preparing to teach at the college or university level. 

 Our web pages contain information about our newly designed B.F.A. programs, opportunities for performance and choreography, production photos and the accomplishments of our faculty, students, and alumni.

Interview of Director of the Dance Division LeAnne Smith and dance student Julianne Way saying a few words about our Dance Department being recently recognized as part of the top 25 BEST Dance programs in the nation.


     Dance faculty, studios, and offices are located in Jowers Center B178A. Contact us at (512)-245-2949. Advising for dance curriculum contact Tina Hyatt at (512)-245-1932. For more information on our degree plans Click Here