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Application Requirements

  • Application
  • Application Fee
  • Headshot and Resume
  • Desired Callback Date and Location
  • Acting/Singing and Dance Video Pre-Screen (see details below)
  • Personal Introduction*
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation

Please note - Letters you send to Undergraduate Admissions are not shared with us.

Recommendation Letters

You are required to provide two letters of recommendation for the Musical Theatre Program. You may upload this documentation via Get Acceptd or you may send them directly to our department (see address below). These are different than the academic recommendation letters requested by the university (we do not have access to those). The letters we are requesting should primarily focus on your work and work ethic as a performer and other areas of interest and achievement outside of academics.

Email Letters
(We no longer accept mailed letters of recommendation)

You will be notified on your Get Acceptd profile if you have received a callback. Please check your Get Acceptd profile frequently and make sure your email address is current.

For questions please contact

Jessica Graham
Publicity Coordinator

All materials and applications will be posted through Get Acceptd.
Begin your application process at Get Acceptd.

University Application Requirements

You are required to apply to the university in addition to the Musical Theatre Program. We recommend that you apply within a week of submitting your application to the university.
In order to schedule your callback you must have completed your application to the university.
Declare your major as Pre-Theatre when apply to the university.
Apply through Undergraduate Admissions.

We request you also apply to the Honors College upon acceptance into the university if you meet the following criteria:

  • Top 10 percent of your high school graduating class, or
  • Composite score of 27 on the ACT, or
  • Composite score of 1180 on SAT (math and critical reading scores added)

Visit the Honor's College for more information.

Personal Introduction* Guidelines

Your written introduction allows us an opportunity to get to know you. Be honest. Don't feel you need to impress us or, conversely, be overly humble. Don't waste time trying to figure out what you think we want to hear. We are looking for 12 to 14 unique artists for the Musical Theatre BFA Program who know themselves and will most benefit from what our program has to offer. Tell us about yourself and what inspires you as an artist.

Areas to address in your introduction (1000 words or less)

  • What do you feel is special and unique about you?

  • What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses are as a person and an artist?

  • What are your other interests and hobbies?

  • What kind of career do you see yourself having in show business? Do you have other interests artistically outside of performing in musicals? If so, what are they? (writing,directing, composing, plays, film, tv, etc.)

  • Number and include your name on each page

Fall 2018 Admission Deadlines

Musical Theatre Program Admission Deadlines 2017-2018
Application/Audition Pre-Screen Video Deadline is December 1, 2017  (to attend the January on-campus)
Application/Audition Pre-Screen Video Deadline is January 2, 2018  (to attend the February on-campus auditions)
On-campus Callback Dates
January 13th or 14th , 2018  
On-Campus Callbacks Applicants should be available to attend a master class on the 13th even if their audition day is the 14th.
February 17th or 18th, 2018 
On-Campus Callbacks Applicants should be available to attend a master class on the 17th even if their audition day is the 18th.
February callback dates fill up quickly. We advise that you submit your pre-screen video prior to the deadline

Off Campus Callback Dates

New York: January 20, 2018* as of 11.8.2017

Chicago Unified Auditions: Feburary 4-7, 2018

Pre-Screen Video Requirements and Guidelines

  • Slate your name and pieces you are performing at the beginning of your first song submission
  • Please record your videos from the waist up close enough so we can see your face but wide enough that we can see your physical interpretation of the song/monologue
  • Record each video individually and label them as "song 1," "song 2," "mono," "dance sample 1," ("dance sample 2" if you are including more than one).


  • DO NOT sing A cappella. Use either pre-recorded tracks or a live accompanist.
  • Prepare two contrasting songs - one traditional musical theatre (pre-1980) and one contemporary (1980-present).
  • Your contemporary selection can be either a contemporary musical theatre song or a pop/rock song. (If you have both, include both and submit 3 song options total)
  • Each song must be no longer than 32 bars.
  • If is more important you sing music you love than adhere to the guidelines. Sing songs you feel best represents your talent, especially on your pre-screen.


  • Prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue
  • The selection should be age appropriate and in contemporary realism
  • The selection should not require dialect, costume or props

If you receive a callback you will be required to do a second contrasting monologue.


Your audition materials should include a good quality video that shows some technique that you’ve learned in jazz, or ballet OR a musical theatre dance combo that you have in your repertoire. If you are an experience tap dancer, feel free to include an additional dance video. This would be in addition to your ballet/jazz video.

You may also include a previous dance performance (so long as your technique is clearly visible), a one minute combination that you have prepared, OR a simple demonstration of your dance skills.  Multiple clips are accepted if needed to show your range of dance/movement ability.

 Please note

  • if you show JAZZ, you must demonstrate any or all of the following:  triplets, jazz square, isolations, leaps, jumps, battements and/or turns.
  • if you show us BALLET, you must demonstrate any of all of the following: pirouettes, jete, pas de bourree, waltz, pique turn, battements, and/or fouettes.
  • if you show TAP, you must demonstrate any or all of the following: shuffles, flaps, buffalo, Irish, maxi-ford, time-steps, waltz, clog, riffs and/or drawbacks. 

IMPORTANT:  If you send a TAP sample, you MUST ALSO include a ballet or jazz sample.

To begin the process of applying for the Musical Theatre Program, click below.

Scholarship Information

We are committed to having the top talent in the country in our program, therefore, we offer out-of-state students scholarship money that qualifies them for in-state tuition. The result is students in our program pay a fraction of what the other top programs demand, whether they live in Texas or Tennessee, Dallas or Delaware, Pennsylvania or the Panhandle. As an out-of-state student, you need not apply for this particular scholarship as you are automatically considered for it. There are additional merit and need-based scholarship opportunities from the Department of Theatre and Dance for in and out-of-state students. These scholarships require an application that should be submitted with your initial application. Download the application to apply.

Visit the Financial Aid for academic-based scholarships.

Should you be a financial need based student and you meet the qualifications for a Terry Scholarship, we strongly suggest you apply for this scholarship opportunity. Terry Foundation Application Deadline is usually in December. For more information please visit the Terry Foundation Scholarship page.

Visiting Campus

Do you need to find lodging, places to eat, things to do and directions from San Antonio or Austin airports while visiting for on-campus callbacks?
Please view our Travel Packet.