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Audition Tips

Pick monologues from plays, and read the whole play. Stay away from monologues from anthologies that are not from plays.

Keep your choices grounded and simple. Let us see who you are. Your monologues should be distinctly different in tone and character.

Stay away from dialects in your monologues.

Choose songs and monologues that are age appropriate.

We are looking for strong storytelling, a strong vocal instrument, and simple, honest work based in truth in your songs and monologues.

Make specific choices that communicate the stakes of the song or monologue.

We suggest working on your songs as a monologue first and focus on the punctuation and phrasing.

Your audition music should be in plastic sheet protectors in a binder so it is easy for the accompanist to read and turn the pages.

Make sure your music is in the correct key and is clearly marked with all cuts and repetitions. Before you begin, set a tempo for the accompanist.

Remember to thank the accompanist when you finish your audition.

Stay away from songs that are uniquely associated with particular artists: songs like “Defying Gravity”, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, and “Don’t Rain On My Parade”.

What to Wear

Choose an outfit that is flattering to your physique and makes you feel comfortable. Ladies, please do not wear extremely high heels or short dresses if you are going to sit in a chair for any of your material.

Rehearse your material in the shoes and the outfit you will be performing in before your auditions.