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Musical Theatre Program

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Musical Theatre Curriculum

To have a prolonged career in the industry, performers must be as versatile as possible. The formal curriculum includes equal emphasis on acting, voice and dance. Having said that, at its core, the focus is always as an actor first and foremost. Regardless of which area of your training you are focusing on, the primary principle the program is based on is making sure you are a strong and versatile actor in every area of your work in order to become a fully integrated performer.

Each student will take four years of musical theatre performance, acting, voice lessons, dance training (ballet, jazz, tap, and musical theatre styles). They will also receive piano training, music theory, voice and speech, movement, theatre history, and sight-singing, as well as the required university liberal arts core curriculum. There are 131 hours in the degree plan, 46 are academic core-based hours. The remaining 85 hours are performance-based credits.


In addition to the listed curriculum there is an on-camera intensive to prepare students for film and television work. Senior year, additional emphasis is placed on a “Business of the Business" Lab series. In addition, industry professionals are brought in every semester as part of the Bowman Guest Artist Series to teach, assess student work, and provide insight into the current state of our ever-evolving profession.

We do not believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach, and so when appropriate, a student, in consultation with the Head of Musical Theatre, the Theatre Department Academic Adviser, and the Department Chair, may make course substitutions that will enhance his or her specific education, training, and preparation for a career in the profession. Texas State's Musical Theatre program is not a conservatory, but rather includes a liberal arts university core curriculum as well as specific training in Musical Theatre.  


BFA Musical Theatre

Four Year Curriculum

UPDATE: 6-14-2012


Freshmen Year


Fall                                                                                                         Spring                                                  

TH 1210 Intro to Musical Theatre                                                TH 1211 Intro to Musical Theatre II

TH 1364 Beginning Acting                                                              TH1365   Intermediate Acting)                       

TH 2111 Theatre Activities                                                             MU 1314 Musicianship II

MU 1312 Musicianship I                                                                  MUSP 1121 Vocal techniques

MUSP 1121 Vocal Techniques                                                        DAN 2180  Intermediate Ballet                       

DAN 1180 Beginning Ballet (Univ Core)                                     DAN  2160 Intermediate Jazz

DAN 1160 Beginning Jazz    (Univ. Core)                                                      

Univ. Seminar                                                                                      6 hrs. univ. core

3hrs. Univ Core                                                                                    17 hours

16 hours

                                TOTAL:   33 hours (21 MT +12 Core)


Sophomore Year


Fall                                                                                                         Spring                                                  

TH 2210 Intermediate Musical Theatre I                                    TH 2211 Intermediate Musical Theatre II

TH 3364 Acting Realism                                                                   TH 1345 Beginning Voice                                

TH 1350 Introduction to Design                                                    TH 3322 History of Musical Theatre (or junior yr.)

MUSP 1135 Piano techniques I                                                      MUSP 2220 Applied Voice

MUSP 2220 Applied Voice                                                               DAN 3152 Musical Theatre Tap II

DAN 3151 Musical theatre Tap I                                                    

3 hrs. Univ Core                                                                                   4 hrs. univ core

15 hours                                                                                                16 hrs.

                                                TOTAL:  30 hours (23 MT + 7 core)


Junior Year


Fall                                                                                                         Spring                                                  

TH 3390 BFA I                                                                                     TH 4390 BFA II

TH 3320 Theatre History I                                                               TH 3321 Theatre History II

TH 2354  Characterization                                                               TH 2345 Experiencing Speech

TH 3120 Musical Theatre Singing Technique                             TH 3120 Musical Theatre Singing Technique

DAN 3171 Musical Theatre Dance I                                               DAN 3172 Musical Theatre Dance II

6 hrs. Univ core                                                                                   3 hrs. univ. core 

17 hours                                                                                                14 hours

                                                TOTAL:  31 hours (22 MT + 9 core)



Senior Year


Fall                                                                                                         Spring                                                  

TH 4391 BFA III                                                                                  TH 4392 BFA IV

TH 4364 Directing I                                                                           TH 4120 Musical Theatre Singing Technique              

TH 4120 Musical Theatre Singing Technique                            DAN 3174 Musical Theatre Dance IV

DAN 3173 Musical Theatre Dance III                                            

9 hours univ. core                                                                               9 hours univ. core

17 hours                                                                                                14 hours

                                                TOTAL:  31 hours (13 MT +18 core)


NEW YORK SHOWCASE — May after graduation

TOTAL CREDITS FOR 4 YEARS = 125 (46 - University Core based hours / 79 - Performance based hours)