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Call Board

Sign up on the call board in the Theatre Center

Audition Rules:

  • Check-in with stage management in the Studio Theatre 15 minutes prior to your scheduled block. You MUST have completed 6 audition forms, 6 headshots and 6 resumes stapled to the back of your headshot prior to checking in.
  • The Studio Theatre is a designated QUIET ZONE where you will be allowed to focus and concentrate on your audition.
  • You will be escorted into the Mainstage ONE AT A TIME by a member of stage management.
  • Please slate before you begin your monologue. Your time will start after your slate.
  • You have ONE MINUTE to complete your monologue. At 55 seconds the time keeper will stand and at one minute you will receive a "THANK YOU"
  • If you are not present 15 minutes prior to your audition block you will be placed at the end of the audition evening.

Audition Form


Chorus Line

Monday, January 16
10:00-­‐1:00 General Dance Audition
2:00-­‐6:00 Reading and Singing Callbacks

Tuesday, January 17
6:00-­‐10:00 Reading and Singing Callbacks

Wednesday, January 18
6:00-­‐10:00 Reading, Singing, and Dancing Callbacks

Auditions will start with a dance call.  All cast members must be able to execute a clean double pirouette on both sides.  There will be several dance combos and cuts in jazz, ballet, and tap before any reading or singing sides are seen.  Please come in close fitting dance attire that allows us to see your line.  Women, be prepared to dance in both heels and flats.

If you are interested in the following roles, please prepare both the singing and acting (monologue or scene) sides for that character:
Kristine (Read/Sing with Al)
Al (Read/Sing with Kristine)

If you are interested in the following roles, please prepare the acting (monologue) sides for that character as well as your best 32 bars in the style of the show: Connie

While this is a show that requires intense dancing, it is not a show ABOUT dancing. It is about a group of people putting themselves on the line.  This is not a performance; it is an audition – a time of high stakes when people are most vulnerable, exposed, and completely out of control of the outcome.  Each person has come to dance for different reasons: an escape, a challenge, a passion, a chance to meet a partner, etc., but they all know and understand the dedication, commitment, and sacrifice that this profession requires.  No one onstage is “performing” or “playing at a character.”  These are real people, living their truths.  Please bring yourself and your passion into the audition.    

Except for where specified, parts are open to any ethnicity.

ZACH: (35-­‐45) An ex-­‐dancer who is the director/choreographer of the show.  He will settle for nothing les than perfection.  He is focused, stern, direct in his communication, and to-­‐the-­‐point.  He is trying to get to the core of what makes these dancers tick.  Ex-­‐lover of Cassie.  Non-­‐singing.

CASSIE FERGUSON: (30) Soprano.  Returning to New York after a failed stint in California.  An incredible dancer with star quality who has experienced great disappointments and is trying to start over.  Dance is the one thing she knows and loves.  Previously had a relationship with Zach. 

SHEILA BRYANT: (29) Alto. Gorgeous, brassy, sexy, bitchy, and sophisticated.  Been around the block.  Very funny but sarcastic.  Dry humor offsets her insecurities.  Older dancer who has worked constantly but is starting to question how long her career can last.  

MIKE COSTA: (24) Tenor. An Italian tap dancer from New Jersey.  He is quite aggressive, determined, cocky, sure of himself, but likeable.  A confident presence when he performs.  Has worked with Zach before.  A bundle of energy and flirts with all the girls. 

VALERIE CLARK: (25) Mezzo. Sexy, sassy, funny, and foul-­‐mouthed.  A brazen, direct, attention-­‐seeker from a small town in Vermont.  She’s smart and knows how to “work the room” now that she has had help from plastic surgery.

RICHIE WALTERS: (27) Tenor. African American from Missouri.  He is good natured, cool, enthusiastic and funny. Very high energy when he dances.

DIANA MORALES: (27) Alto. Streetwise, and a little bit tough.  Deals only in reality, not fantasy.  Always speaks from the heart.  A determined athletic dancer from the Bronx. Puerto Rican.

PAUL SAN MARCO: (27) Baritone. Puerto Rican. Introverted and slightly insecure but loves performing. Joined a drag show to leave home. He is only now starting to feel comfortable about being gay and not fully accepted by his parents. From Spanish Harlem, NY.  Friends with Diana.

JUDY TURNER: (26) Mezzo.  Funny, gawky, warm, scatterbrained, talks in run-­‐on-­‐sentences.  Very awkward except when dancing.  Originally from El Paso, Texas.  

ALAN DELUCA: (30) Baritone. From the Bronx.  Aggressive, Street tough and macho. Newly married to Kristine.  Completely in love with her quirkiness and very protective of her. 

KRISTINE URICH (DELUCA): (22) Mezzo. Wide eyed, happy, and optimistic.  Very nervous when not dancing, but sexy and confident when she moves.  Newly married to Al.  Has trouble when she has to sing. From Missouri.

MARK ANTHONY: (20) Tenor. Optimistic, first timer, naïve but charming. Great dancer and All-­‐American kid who is obsessed with sex.  Hopeful and fresh.  The youngest in the group. From Arizona.

MAGGIE WINSLOW: (25) Mezzo.  Attractive and sweet girl who is a big dreamer. Unhappy family upbringing that still haunts her and causes her to live in her fantasies.  From California.

DON KERR: (28) Baritone. Ladies man, married, into cars, money, and women.  Hedonistic, cool, flirtatious, sure of himself.  All American guy from Kansas City.  Has worked with Zach before.

BEBE BENZENHEIMER: (22) Alto. From Boston. Quiet yet determined.  Very insecure about her looks.  Feels a little excluded but just wants to be liked. Is new to New York.

GREGORY GARDENER: (32) Baritone. A gay man who is quite arrogant and overly confident.  Very comfortable with his sexuality.  Very conscious of how he looks and appears to others.  Has a “been there, done that” attitude.  A campy smart-­‐alec and has worked with Zach before.  Jewish from the Upper East Side.

CONNIE WONG: (32) Alto. Very experienced dancer.  Must be the shortest in the show.  Married.  A bit of a mother hen with a great sense of humor.  Born in Chinatown, NY.  NOTE: Alternate scenes available if the actress playing this character is not Asian.

BOBBY MILLS: (25) Baritone. Flamboyant, funny, witty, and sharp tongued.  Was picked on at school for being gay and different.  Covers everything over with a joke, due to his insecurities.  Tells his story in humorous vignettes which are partly pantomimed.  From upstate New York.

LARRY: Zach’s assistant.  A great dancer who demonstrates the routines.  This part can be played by a woman or a man.

CUT DANCERS: (2-­‐3 Females, 3-­‐4 Males) These actors will appear in the opening and closing numbers.  They will also sing offstage and serve as understudies for all of the principal cast.