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Call Board

August 27, 2017

Sign up on the call board in the Theatre Center

Audition Rules:

  • Check-in with stage management in the Studio Theatre 15 minutes prior to your scheduled block. You MUST have completed 6 audition forms, 6 headshots and 6 resumes stapled to the back of your headshot prior to checking in.
  • The Studio Theatre is a designated QUIET ZONE where you will be allowed to focus and concentrate on your audition.
  • You will be escorted into the Mainstage ONE AT A TIME by a member of stage management.
  • Please slate before you begin your monologue. Your time will start after your slate.
  • You have ONE MINUTE to complete your monologue. At 55 seconds the time keeper will stand and at one minute you will receive a "THANK YOU"
  • If you are not present 15 minutes prior to your audition block you will be placed at the end of the audition evening.

Audition Form


A Doll's House

Actors should read the play and prepare the following sides:


Nora/Tor 1, 2, 4



Nora/Tor 1, 2, 3



Mrs. L/Krog

Mrs. Linde

Nora/Mrs. L

Mrs. L/Krogstad

Dr. Rank

Nora/Dr. Rank

October 15, 2017



We want to encourage ALL STUDENTS to audition for this, especially our students of ethnicity. There are A LOT of African American, Latino, Hungarian, Latvian, Jewish Immigrant roles, PLEASE COME AUDITION. There is little to no dancing. COME SING FOR US!!!

Please bring sheet music if you have it , there will be someone to play for you in the room or you are welcome to use pre-recorded tracks (but you must provide  a way to play them. We prefer not to hear you sing a ccapella but that is also acceptable.


Ragtime general call/auditions will begin on Sunday, October 15th.

Callbacks will be held Monday-Thursday, October 16th-19th.

Specific rooms/locations and blocks of time will be posted as we get closer to the start of classes.

A sign-up sheet will be posted to schedule a time for the general call. 

During callbacks, we will post TRACS announcements nightly with the names of those called back and what they need to have prepared.

All auditioners are responsible for printing their own sides and music.


Music by Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens

Book by Terrance McNally

Directed by Michael Rau

Choreographed by Kiira Schmidt

Assistant  Director Kaitlin Hopkins

Commitment Dates: Rehearsals will begin on or around Feb 1st, 2018. Monday Thru Fridays 6:30-10:30pm (until tech and performance weeks, when we work weekend days). We “may” work the weekend coming back from Spring Break (March 17-18).  Performance dates: April 9-15, 2018


Based on E.L. Doctorow’s celebrated novel, this epic Tony-winning musical depicts three families striving for the American dream at the turn of the 20th century. As the country balances on the cusp of social change, the lives of a wealthy white family, a daring Harlem musician and a determined Jewish immigrant intersect—and their fates are inextricably bound and profoundly changed. With an expansive musical score, striking relevancy and a who’s who of 20th-century historical characters, “Ragtime” confronts both the unbridled optimism and the stark reality of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

What to Prepare: 16 measures of something similar in style to the show or 16 bars of one of the callback sides (character of your choice)

Character Breakdown

Booker T. Washington: Incredibly intelligent social activist. He is an eloquent and articulate gentleman with no patience for Black Americans leading less than exemplary lives. Age: 45 to 55

Coalhouse Walker Jr : A proud and talented pianist. He is sophisticated, with a romantic demeanor and gentle heart though an intimidating build. African-American. Age: 25 to 35

Emma Goldman : Social activist. With an unapologetically demanding presence, she is a leader and powerful woman. Russian-American. Age: 35 to 45

Evelyn Nesbit : Beautiful vaudeville performer. Thrust into the limelight after the high profile murder of her lover, the entire world is her stage. Age: 18 to 21

Father: Mother's professionally successful husband. Fancying himself an amateur explorer, he is commanding and attractive. Enjoys being the family breadwinner. Age: 30 to 45

Grandfather: Mother's very conservative father. He is a retired professor and easily irritated by nearly everything. Age: 60 to 70

Harry Houdini: The famous magician. With dark features and notable physical ability, he stands as a symbol of the 'American Dream.' Hungarian-American. Age: 25 to 35

Mother: The consummate wife and mother. A kind woman with incredible moral fiber. Refined, intelligent, and graceful. She is accepting of others. Age: 30 to 40

Sarah: Washwoman. Sarah is beautiful and filled with a strong will to live fueled by an innocent spirit. Falls deeply in love with Coalhouse after much resistance. African-American. Age: 20 to 25

Tateh: The haggard artist and father. He wears the trials and tribulations of his past on his sleeve, but remains optimistic. Full of genuine drive and heart. Latvian-American. Age: 35 to 45

Younger Brother: Mother's younger brother. With his wiry frame and obsessive personality, he is an erratic soul. Influenced greatly by Goldman's teachings. Age: 20 to 25

Little Boy: Mother and Father's son. He is open-hearted and curious with inexplicable clairvoyance. Never passes judgement on others. Age: 8 to 12

Little Girl: Tateh's daughter. A confused and vulnerable child in a brand-new home, she is guarded and shy. Loves her father very much. Latvian-American. Age: 7 to 10


Baseball Fans; Coalhouse Supporters; Firemen; Harlem Citizens, Immigrants To America; New Rochelle Citizens; Reporters; Vacationers

Please contact Kaitlin Hopkins with Questions:


Musical Workshop Opportunity with visiting guest artists!

The Two Orphans (adapted from 19th century melodrama)

Book-Theresa Rebeck

Composer-Kim d. Sherman

Lyrics- Theresa Rebeck and John Sheehy


  • AUDITION: Sunday August 27th    1-6pm
  • Room 106- bring picture and resume

Audition requirements (these auditions will be videotaped)

Please read Libretto-select character or characters you feel you are right for, and prepare the audition sides.


Please prepare 32 bars of something in the style of the show.

Audition Song Types:

Street Singer (bari-tenor) - Jazz or Blues song

Louise - (musical theater soprano) Spiritual, Musical Theater Ballad

Henriette - (musical theater low soprano) Spiritual, Musical Theater Ballad

Prostitutes - (SSA) up tempo, jazzy song

Blues Man - (big range, with good falsetto) up tempo Jazz, Blues

*Leon - (tenor) (or this part could be a woman) folk song, standard musical theater song

Reginald - (heroic tenor) operetta, patriotic song

Marianne - (mezzo) folk song, story song, B’way belt

Pierre - (musical theater tenor) Musical Theater ballad

Ensemble SATB should be able to sing choral blend, jazz harmonies, also jazzy solos.

Commitment Dates OCT 21-28

SATURDAY 21ST        11-5PM  

SUNDAY   22nd           11-5PM

MONDAY 23rd             6:30-10PM

TUEDAY 24th               6:30-10PM

WEDNESDAY 25th      6:30-10PM

THURSDAY 26th          6:30-10PM

FRIDAY 27th                 7:00-10:30PM

SATURDAY 28th          11-5pm (rehearsal and presentation day)