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Course Descriptions

MFA Directing Course Descriptions

TH 5342 MFA Studio 1

Working with Actors. Explore various methods for working with actors on 3-4 scenes.

TH 5302 Textual Analysis, Research & Interpretation

Examine ways to analyze and research a text; discuss issues in interpretation.

TH 5343 MFA Studio 2

Rehearse and perform plays from 20th and 21st century. Past classes have directed scenes and one acts from Tennessee Williams, Pinter, and Brecht. Discuss scheduling and staging issues.

TH 5312 Director/Designer Collaboration

Develop collaboration skills for working with designers - taken with MFA designers in a combined class.

TH 5352 MFA Studio 3

Rehearse and perform the work of late 19th century/early 20th century playwrights.

TH 5303 Conceptualization and Composition

Conceive and develop concepts and contexts for production.

TH 5353 MFA Studio 4

Examine experimental and devised work and direct experimental/devised projects.

TH 5313 History of Directing & Scenography

Historical review of directors and designers with particular emphasis on seminal productions.

TH 5382 MFA Studio 5

Directing Shakespeare. Investigate contemporary methods and approaches to directing Shakespeare. Jointly held lab classes with senior BFA actors taking a studio Acting Shakespeare course.

TH 5383 MFA Studio 6

Directing Period Styles. Directing multiple periods and styles from the following: Ancient Greek, Restoration, Moliere, Georgian, High Comedy, Farce. Jointly held class with senior BFA actors taking a studio Acting Styles course.

TH 5398 - Final Creative Project

Direct a full -length production with our fullest support and highest budgets in one of our two largest spaces: the Harrison Theatre or the Mainstage Theatre.